#BookReview: Looking for the Rainbow by @RealRuskinBond

23 Jun

download (1)I am a Ruskin Bond fan, always have been and I recon I always will. It is one of those things I never outgrew from my childhood and so grateful for that. In fact it is only as an adult I managed to read a lot of Ruskin Bond’s writing which earlier I had limited access to. Having personally met him last October, my awe of him has increased manifolds. And that’s me all euphoric and nostalgic about all things regarding Ruskin and that’s the kind of effect his writing has on you.

Looking for a rainbow is a much loved book and much anticipated for more reasons than one. This book came out on his 83rd birthday, it is about one of his most loved part of his childhood and is one of those rare times you get a peak into his personal life. I felt moved to tears purely because I always believed Ruskin Bond’s childhood would have been really fun, free with experiences that could only fuel his imagination that got him to write so beautifully and vividly that it changed so many generations of reading. If Enid Blyton is my favourite children’s author Ruskin Bond is my all time favourite. I can still read him, my travel books always one Ruskin, because his stories are just what you need. idyllic, speaks about a stress free life which brings you closer to nature that you miss out in the humdrum of life.


Looking for a rainbow was an engaging read, I finished it under an hour and it was the best hour I spent. Ruskin takes us down his memory lane, he revisits his childhood and his time with his father. Like his stories, this part of his childhood is dotted with fun escapades, his exposure to Delhi, how his time with his father was about going to movies, his stamp collection and about being happy.

One of my key takeaways were that someday when I can, this is the childhood I’d love to give to my kids, because there is nothing more precious than the gift of time to loved ones, specially kids, because it is these experiences that shape your life.

Adult or a kid, this is one book you must read.

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