#BookReview : The Struggle by Meher Bani

08 May



What happens when you are in love? Reason flies out of the window, someone the perfect harmony between heart and mind is surprisingly not in sync anymore. Of course there are those happy aspects when you think life has a new meaning, you are glowing. And once the initial euphoria and normalcy kicks in is when the actual humdrum of life truly starts.

This is a typical love story, only that it is analysed from the woman’s point of view. It gives you a perspective and tells you her side of things. Why is that important? Well women are known to be the ‘complicated’ one and this truly gives you an insight into how she perceives of the world! A classic case of the mind and heart being at war.

What I liked about the book was that it was easy to read and had a nice flow to it. For a first time writer that truly is a bonus. This is one of those books that you take on your vacation. Lighthearted, relatable and it makes you smile. We all have been there, had those conversations, faced those challenges; but it is the kind that makes you reminisce. If you are a teen, then it is truly the kind you would need to get past those initial relationships. I for one found this totally relatable.

Go pick up the book, for writers do need a little encouragement.


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