#BookReview The house that BJ built by @anujachauhan

26 May

Having read all her books, there was much curiosity regarding her upcoming book “The house that BJ built” and getting an opportunity to read this book meant much and the experience has been thoroughly entertaining. I devoured it while traveling in those long metro rides battling crowd. I read the book while on a road trip, I carried it everywhere till the last page was read. The desperation to read and finish the book was not just to meet the deadline but also to know what next.

The thing with Anuja Chauhan’s writing is, she writes the way one would speak a regional language. With the typical “haan na” “toh” etc so it is relatable but what her writing is not: ‘crass or desi’ Being from Delhi, I loved and could relate to the little things about Bonu Singh, her fiery nature, yet softer side is very lovable. You cant help not falling in love with her. Samar is irresistible with his quiet charm and his altercations with Bonu makes for a fun read.

The flip side, the book took good 150 odd pages to warm up. I really had to get by these pages to feel hooked. Anuja Chauhan seems to be moving from one scene to another without any sort of indicative breaks in between. I had to flip back to check what just happened. What i really love about the book is the fact that Anuja doesnt think the reader to be dumb hence she does not explain each and every scene. She narrates the story as if we already have a context (we do if you have already read Those Pricey Thakur Girls) It felt nice to see how the Thakur girls have aged. Their change in nature and relationship with one another. Eshu’s romance and Angi mausi’s commentary kept the momentum going when the focus was away from Bonu and Samar. Loved all the character profiling, be it Chachiji or AK or even Dylan who appears briefly.

Property dispute is such a common thing in India, it often turns relatives into strangers and here we have this massive extended family carrying on their life despite the obvious monetary gain. There may not be something significant to harp about this book, but this book just worms its way into your heart with the relationships, the setting, the quick references, the endearing romances. If you love Jane Austen’s work, you will like Anuja Chauhan’s books. She leaves you with a void once the book ends, as you crave for more. I finished this book on a road trip, and honestly i had no idea of the distance as I was immersed. Pick this book up. You wont regret it.

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One response to “#BookReview The house that BJ built by @anujachauhan

  1. bhaktimotta

    May 26, 2015 at 3:49 PM

    Can’t wait to read. I loved thakur girls, so am sure will enjoy this.


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