#BookReview : Chaos Down Under by Nishant Kaushik aka @chaosparticle

20 May

22358018I read Romance with Chaos a few years back. Liked what I read and curious I followed the author on Twitter. As I got to know the author I found this books to be an extension of him and totally loved it because Nishant the twitter friend is rather funny, entertaining and affable. This review has been pending for long but I can’t not mention that I am glad he wanted me to review this, for I enjoyed every bit of the book.

Having read the dork series which is based on office humor I felt that another book along the same lines would be rather repetitive but i am glad i am proven wrong. Writing on humour is tricky, because often people’s level of humour doesn’t match, I for one am not humorous and often is the butt of ridicule because I donot get jokes but surprisingly I enjoyed every bit of this book.

Office humor has been one such genre that has been written quite a lot on by Indian writers, and Nishant Kaushik’s “Chaos Down Under” belongs to the same space. This is a sequel to his earlier book “A Romance with Chaos” and is part of a trilogy. Nakul Kapoor, the protagonist, finds himself as the project leader of an assignment from an Australian client and has no resources whatsoever to get the job done. And so starts a series of events in which Nakul finds himself trying to get out of, including fudging data, dealing with a client that comes to work on a horse, a neighbor that views him as a free service guy, a girl who he wants to have a relationship with, etc. How he manages to extricate himself from the situations forms the crux of the story.

The story is set in 2 different places: one is the Bytesphere office in Mumbai and the other is in Australia.  Nakul Kapoor’s neighbor Suresh, which is my favorite and had me in splits with his antics There are situations that leave you laughing because of the absurdity of it all, and one can’t but admire the ingenuity with which Nakul manages to find himself in tricky situations. The reader would almost feel like wanting to do something to get him out of there.

The plot is a bit repetitive, in the sense that it’s been done before. Though the story may be nothing new, the humor certainly makes it a worthwhile read. And the best part is that you don’t even have to read the first book in the trilogy to follow this one.

So, pick up this book if you are looking for a good time laughing at the antics of a protagonist who cannot help himself from falling into unfortunate situations.

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