#BookReview Ramayana – The Game of Life : The Shattered Dreams by Shubha Vilas

13 Feb

Ramayana – The Game of Life : The Shattered Dreams is a sequel to Ramayana – The Game Of Life : Rise of the Sun Prince, read the review here The book begins twelve years after the holy matrimony of Rama and Sita when they are sentenced to exile. The book revolves around the drama around the Lord Rama’s banishment, Kaikeyi’s devious plans, Dasaratha’s plight, Bharat’s dilemma.

The second installment of the book is not very different from the first. You have grown up with the epic so you know there is no surprise element in the book. The perspective from which this book is written is not new hence this has been a tedious read. However the basic value system remains the same and the book gives us insights about how complicated human relationships are, the rise and fall of these relationships and the difficult situations that one must triumph in the journey of life. Re-reading Ramayana is entertaining but I wish there was a perspective to the entire story line. This book is based on Kamba Ramayana and Ramacharitamanas and some woven threads taken from folklore like Loka Pramanatales. The folklore adds relevance of the epic in modern times.

What worked for the book? The book is written well and it addresses the doubts that rose to the mind while reading the first installment. Even if you have grown up reading the Ramayana there are still those values that never get dated. Rama’s virtues which sees him through his exile, his honesty that won him friends and hearts. You have lil take aways as you keep reading. I somehow felt that a lil pace would have made it more interesting as I had a tendency to skip parts.

 The footnotes makes this book so invaluable. So much of thought has been put in to explain, to educate that you can help but admire the mere thought of adding footnotes. This is probably the best part. In some ways, ‘The Shattered Dreams” talks about the virtues of a leader, the attributes that makes him the leader of his clan and more than which marks him as an enlightened soul.
This is a fine book if you want to read a simple narrative of the well known epic but in case you are looking at something deeper, you might want to look for something else. Pick this book up for a nice long train journey, look out for the footnotes and some management mantras.

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