#BookReview The Fifth Man by by Bani Basu translated by Arunava Sinha 

14 Jan

A hysterectomy renders Neelam almost sexless at 30 which impacts her relationship with her husband, Ari and ultimately her marriage. An unexpected telegram announces the entry of Esha, Ari’s ex girl friend. As if by coincidence their college professor too arrives at their household, surprisingly she resembles Ari’s daughter. On a trip to Ajanta and Ellora brings forth memories of love and betrayal. This is a book about desire as portrayed through a deeply philosophic and dramatic lens.

Human relationships evolve with time and their evolution has sparked a lot of debates. Complex situations or changing emotions that makes a relationship is what is this novel is primarily about. It brilliantly portrays the black, white and the grey areas of relationships beautifully even those lil nuances which we hesitate to even talk about.

It is popularly believed that translation work does not do justice to the original, not if the translator is Arunava Sinha. My love for his writing is not unknown and that is primarily one of the reasons why I opted for the book. A lot of times the original essence of the language is lost during translating, but someone who also understands the original this has been a fantastic read. Our life revolves around what we desire, what is expected of us, have different expectations from our relationships. Some are met, some not, and it results in disappointment at some point or the other but what constantly plagues us is the question we ask ourselves about life and relationships. This is a complex box about relationships or emotions and situations that makes the characters face these questions in their life. The complexity makes the book so lovable and keeps you hooked almost dazed till the very end.
If you want to read something light then this is not the book for you. It is a dark journey to understand the human psyche to unveil behind the emotions that make our relationships and us.
This book has been a breathtaking read. If you love a good piece of literature this is your book to read.
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