#BookReview LEAD TIN YELLOW by Dipankar Gupta

29 Dec

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Life changes for Robin when he sees his father throwing away a bag containing newspapers from a bridge just before he was shot. A retired engineer who lived in a small town, Robin’s father led a somewhat of a low profile life and for him to be murdered left both Robin and the police stunned and out of their wits. Drama unfolds with Robin discovering a key with a tag which led him to more clues, was his father trying to pass on information to him in a subtle manner or were these mere coincidence? Read Dipankar Gupta’s book to find out.

Dipankar Gupta is a well known academician who has authored several books but this is his first work of fiction. Thus, one does not have anything to critique when it comes to language, expression or plot. You are left marveling at how deftly he makes the plot unfold and manages to hold on to your interest as the book takes its course. You are taken back to the days of reading Bomkesh Bakshi and Feluda, except that the setting is in a midwestern town. You can identify with Robin as he tries to unravel the mystery behind his fathers murder. You are as nervous as Robin as he joins the dots and pieces the clues for solving the mystery and in the end his discovers a lil bit more about himself.

So what does not work for the book? The packaging. The book is not something you would pick up if you saw it on the bookshelves. It lacks creative representation and obvious marketing strategy. The book even came without a price or genre printed on it. However, keeping these aside, the content of the book is great and keeps you hooked to the end, something not many Indian authors can be credited to, but then we are talking about Dipankar Gupta here and its hardly a surprise coming from him. This one book which may slip readers attention due to its packaging and lack of relevant publicity but it surely deserves so much more.

I loved reading the book, go pick it up for a good author needs all the encouragement he can get on his first book! A must read.

This is an author requested review but views are personal. 

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