#BookReview : Fashionably Yours By Swati Sharma

08 Dec

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.39.18 AMI have been reading pretty heavy stuff of late and I totally wanted something breezy and preferably a chick list to read. That was when Fashionably Yours literally fell into my lap. It was the perfect Sunday read and to say the Sunday was well spent would be accurate. Swati Sharma has been a reviewer before got published, maybe that gave her the edge over so many others attempting to write in this genre. She understands the audience, the challenges and has a firm grip over the language. Hence the book was such a delightful read, she ensured she never made those same mistakes that many of her peers have. Kudos to you on this one Swati!

What made me pick this book up was that the concept seemed relatable. A young girl, Maya, in a new city to pursue her dreams. Unlike her sisters and friends who were more concerned about finding the right guy and getting hitched. A career in fashion writing got Maya to Mumbai and this book recounts her challenges, her aspirations and her career choices with a dash of romance thrown in, in form of Aryan Malik a photographer.

This book has everything that a chick-lit that should have. It has a strong independent woman protagonist, it documents her life without being preachy or as if it was straight out of a fairy tale. The book has a heart. There were parts I felt myself snigger, parts where I thought.. ‘ I wish..’ parts where I went.. “hell yeah!” the fact that I was subject to myriad thoughts is what I think worked for this book and to this is Swati’s debut novel.

What I personally felt did not work for the book is the plot. It is a story that has been done so many times before and to be honest it is predictable. But it is the characters that made all the difference. Relatable instances was one of the reasons why I connected with the characters and the plot. I loved the tongue in cheek homour which made the book enjoyable and really wished the ending was not so hurried. While the book is crisp a lil fleshing out would have helped but then that is purely my perception.

Pick this book up for a fun Sunday read. All the best to Swati for her debut novel! This has been an entertaining read!

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You can buy Fashionably yours at the following sites:
This is an author requested review but views are strictly personal. 
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