#BookReview : More Tears To Cry by Jen P Sasson Princess

07 Nov
19381659Jean Sasson has been writing about Middle Eastern life for a long time now. More tears to cry is told from the perspective of Princess Sultana, who introduces us to the world of Saudi Arabian life but behind the veils and exposed some of the most gut wrenching gender biases that are prevalent even today.
In More Tears to cry, Princess Sultana describes vividly the life inside one of the rich, which also happens to be one of the most conservative communities in the world. In this world the male rule every aspect, be it her matrimonial decisions or the clothes she wears. The Princess leads a cushioned life with villas and servants and like everyone else she must keep to herself to stories of other women who have been scorned, or abandoned and at times even hanged. This book gives you a perspective that leaves you shocked, trembling in fury and squirming in how unfair life is for these women.
I loved this book because I connected with the way the book was written. It almost felt like the princess was sitting right across the room narrating the stories. The way it was written, makes the book so endearing. This book has been a difficult read as I could not read it at one go. It took me time to get by the pages as the content weighed down my heart. And after reading about the monstrosities that these women undergo, I was left humbled.
Read this for a change in perspective. I loved it!
Review is for Random House but views are personal.
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