#BookReview: ‘On love and sex’ by Khushwant Singh

06 Nov

I opted for Kh41u9lLkeQbL._SL500_AA240_ushwant Singh’s books among those on the reading list as I have heard much about his writing but have not read enough other than The Train to Pakistan. I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful mix of books that was up for review from Rupa Publications. This lot left me feeling satiated and it made me revel in my love for literature which has somehow lost out in the last few years!

The late Khushwant Singh is someone who is upfront about his thoughts and views and he does not shy away from expression. He gives a Indian context to sexual writing a whole new meaning not shying away from issues but tackling them head on.

On love and sex’, is a collection of many of his adventures, however it is said that this could be a work of fiction. Contrary to what the title of the book suggest, the book itself is not erotica. It contains articles written by him on Jeffery Archer. The book accounts of his early days in England and how he discovers India while in England!

Khushwant Singh’s writing can leave you squirming as he mentions instances that you would ideally not discuss openly. Like how he recounts a train journey where he was privy to newlyweds having sex on the lower berth and then he goes onto explain how wearing a saree helps. He also talks about this one time when he had heard a muffled ‘hai ram!’ which makes him realize that the marriage has finally being consummated.

Singh, talks about his fear of death and after contemplating the possibility of death he writes how he often writes imaginary mails to his dear ones. While talking about death may seem a little depressing as the book is about to be concluded however it feels apt. The book ends quite the way we know him to be, upfront and unapologetic and quite eccentric.

Do pick this book up as this has been a really entertaining read. If you like reading this is a book will delight you.

This review is for Rupa Publications, views are personal.


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3 responses to “#BookReview: ‘On love and sex’ by Khushwant Singh

  1. fictionistasan

    November 24, 2014 at 12:30 PM

    I read train to Pakistan and it was really good… Have been wanting to read more of his works! Thanku for the amazing review! 🙂 🙂

    • esotericphoenix

      November 24, 2014 at 12:33 PM

      thank you for the kind words! Meant much that my review helped you! 🙂

      • fictionistasan

        November 24, 2014 at 12:34 PM

        Yeah… Will definitely buy and read it now 🙂


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