#BookReview GIFTED – @sudhamenon2006 & V.R. Ferose

06 Nov

9788184005455I love Sudha Menon and this maybe a biased review, purely on the basis of just how much I love and admire her work.

Now having said that, the expectation from Gifted had been sky high when I first heard about this book. Thankfully I was not disappointed! This book left me thinking, inspired and with a very content feeling. Why? I have been reading a lot of heavy books of late and I barely had a lighter, breezier yet a wonderful read. To me I think Gifted could not have been better timed.

Gifted is a collection of 15 stories of people who have triumphed their disabilities and turned them to positive aspects of their life making their loved ones proud. This is an inspirational book that will leave you with a smile, not many can boast of doing that. Why this book? It is relevant in Indian context where we donot yet have provision to include exhaustively the specially abled. While reading through the stories you are sensitized to the challenges that specially abled go through, the travails of the loved ones and the enormous strength of character which is finally triumphant. You are left inspired and humbled at the end of the book

I’m not mentioning which of the 15 I loved best because it would just demean them. If you want to read something meaningful, something that will give you a perspective in life, that will make you value the gift of life which makes you more fortunate than most others! Then this book is for you.

Loved the book, would be an understatement.

This review is for Random House but views are personal.

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