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06 Nov

P-M-B-978938306475599 is a collection of Khushwant Singh’ finest writing pieces which have been published over time and to say it is a collectors item should not be doing it justice enough. If you like reading Khushwant Singh, this is a book you must have.

The book is divided into 15 sections and is a fine showcase of the wide spectrum of genres he dabbled in, during his illustrious career as a journalist/ writer. Some writing, that of Family Matter is somewhat autobiographical and recounts his personal experiences. The books touches upon the Sikh uprising, the hanging of Bhutto, the partition and his views on sex among others. What makes this book so entertaining is the varied topics touched upon and the humourous way in which it was written.

This book was published to celebrate Khushwant Singh and his literary legacy on his birth anniversary. This body of work leaves you awestruck about the literary genius that Singh was. Best? They leave you with a thought, you may not agree with him but you surely buy his perspective.

What a delight this book has been! Pick this book up for a literary treat!

This review is for Rupa Publications, views are personal.


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