#BookReview The love letter and other stories by Buddhadeva Bose (Translated by Arunava Sinha)

14 Oct

The-Love-Letter_SpreadVery rarely do you come across a book for review that you genuinely want to read for the love of literature and the beauty of the language! This is just one of those books. Icing on the cake? Arunava Sinha is just magnificent in translation! Read his work Dozakhnama and could but marvel at how efficiently he translated Bengali works to English while preserving the very essence of the original work!

I opted for this book because Buddhadeva Bose. If you have been raised in Kolkata soil its hard to not have heard of him. He is a poet of renown and an accomplished playwright, novelist, essayist and short-story writer. His work reflects a refreshing modern approach and a deep engagement with timeless themes of love, memory, and the complex relationship between man and woman.

The book is a a collection of seven short stories and two plays. The book has been beautifully penned and one would really not know that it has been translated, here Arunava Sinha scores. It is one of those books you would love to curl up to on for an afternoon read. The first story is called ‘The Love Letter‘ where Birupaksha Ray receives a letter in a language he cannot understand. It’s from his old flame, needlessly to say that keeps him obsessed for a while. What I loved was how Bose unlocked the mystery deftly hidden in words which would remain with Birupaksha for the rest of his life. The story, my favourite in the book, is an unending struggle of symbols and meanings. I loved how Jayjayanti where Bose has beautifully captured the apprehension and nervousness that young lovers face and to perfection.

This is truly a classic and one that you would not want to miss no matter what. Pick this up, truly a collectors item.


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