#BookReview Resonance by Ajay Pandey

14 Oct
Resonance- Ajay PandeyHow often do you come across a book that is based on the geo-politics between India and Pakistan? Resonance is written by Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officer Ajay Pandey and the work will leave you spell bound and it is not a matter of surprise that the book has been so well received and has been tagged a best seller already!
Being from the system itself, Ajay Pandey gave a lucid and comprehensive account of the complexity of geo-politics with the strained relationship between India and Pakistan. But the best part is, the high tension situation was presented in a comic manner and hence was able to grasp the reader’s attention. What I liked best was that, as has been happening, in one of the ultimate events in the book it is shown that Pakistan Army is predicted to take over the civilian government. Ajay Pandey spoke on how such situations can be avoided and the complexities can be dealt with.
The book is delightfully detailed and entertaining and for a person who has no idea about the background it was a wonderful read. Since we are all aware of the political strain between India and Pakistan; hence the context to the book was already set! What worked for the book that there are lighter patches with some romance thrown in.
Do pick this up for a delightful weekend read.
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