#BookReview Cafe Latte by Amit Shankar

12 Oct

Amit Shankar is among those Indian authors who surprise you with their clarity of thought, their grip of the language and the sheer beauty of story telling. Most of the stories of this collection of short stories are easy to read, the story flows and that it is written well is a bonus, I say this because not all Indian writers can really write well.

The book contains 18 stories with one common theme: Death and each of its facets. Now I am not someone who enjoys stories of death. One or two in a mix of several other genres to read is fun according to me but 18 was a bit too much for me! This is a strictly personal opinion and I am sure those who like thrillers and suspense will really appreciate the book as the different hues of death has been portrayed beautifully. The Jazz Player is my favourite and it leaves you will a void. That to me is a mark of a good writer.

The language is simple and lucid. Attention to details is immaculate. But honestly wished this book was not about death because 5 stories down and I had a headache and I was ready to give up! Some of the story seemed lame and very predictable and kiddish! Rest seem like a decent read. Found the story where the guy meets an old man in the station while waiting for his wife and kid and has an uncanny encounter. It seemed like a story straight out of those ghost story session we all have been a part of in our growing up years!

Pick this up for a breezy read when bored. If you are prone to mood swings I’d suggest you avoid coz this might depress you as it did to me!

Book Review in association with “The Bookaholics” views are strictly personal. 

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One response to “#BookReview Cafe Latte by Amit Shankar

  1. amit shankar

    October 16, 2014 at 1:15 PM

    thank you so much for your kind words. much appreciate


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