#BookReview Scandalous Housewives – Madhuri Banerjee by @Rupa_Books

04 Sep

Buy Scandalous Housewives : Mumbai (English) 1st  Edition: BookSynopsis: The women of Sapphire Towers, a residential high-rise in Mumbai lead a monotonous life with a clockwork routine. Even though life appears calm, there are these housewives who yearn for change and joys that would free them from their mundane life. While one finds love and release in her brother- in law, the other friends forbidden sex and unbridled passion with her husband at a disastrous cost. One battles domestic abuse and finds satisfaction in a much younger man, the fourth lady finds passion in the arms of a man who was not her husband. 

I hold Madhuri Banerjee in high regard as I have read her previous books and found them to be good reads purely because she is a good story teller and her stories have a very strong urban connect without the hassle of morals. I have loved Madhuri Banerjee’s protagonists they are always women, strong, independent, unapologetic and free spirits. But this book came as a disappointment leaving behind a somewhat bitter taste.

The thing is, a book can have overt sexual tones and yet be palatable. But Scandalous Housewives turned out to be just some cheap titilation for frustrated souls! I thought only I was being harsh but when my friend read a chapter and remarked that it reminded him of the iconic Savita bhabhi,  Indian pornographic cartoon character! While there were small discrepancies which a thorough copy check would have been able to sieve through, the plot felt extremely weak. The sex scenes made me feel extremely frivolous and uncomfortable. The book left me repulsed.

This is a one time read, was rather trashy than I had anticipated!  

This review is for Rupa Publications, the views however are personal 

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