#BookReview Play With Me by Ananth

04 Sep

Opted to review this book on a whim. The cover looked dreamy and alluring and something I had no idea would earn me eyeballs when I would read it in the metro. The book was a decent read, language was impeccable and it was something that was more than just a chick lit however there were enough loopholes to outright love it! 

Not the one to take a dig at the morals of the protagonist but on so many other planes there are glaring at you. Being from the advertising industry this was an obvious choice. The book began about a firm which was into photography, the protagonist Sid reminded me so much of Arjun Rampal of Inkaar, slightly playboyish with an emotional handicap. It was kind of unbelievable to think a newbie, an intern who is completely aware of her sexual charms would not hesitate to use it to up the sexual tension with someone whom she idolized, this is where Cara’s character to me felt unbelievable! 

While I found Sid and Cara’s first meeting culminating into a sexual relationship a little unbelievable. Sid’s relationship with Natasha left me wanting more. I felt that there was no foundation to any of these relationships. While the one with Cara seemed like just a sexual thing on the other hand there wasnt enough substance to deem the relationship with Nats as a deeply emotional one. From deeply needy to sexual in the next instant, Natasha’s character seemed too sketchy. 

All in all the book was an entertaining read but it left me disappointed as the ending was abrupt and left me wondering what just happened all of a sudden! I wish Ananth would have explained why Nats did what she did and Sid seemed to be the one losing out of everything love and lust. 

This is a one time read. 

This review is for Think WhyNot.PVT views are personal.

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