#BookReview The Sceptical Patriot by @Sidin Vadukut by @Rupa_Books

15 Aug

Having read the Dork series, just the name of the author was enough to opt for the book and as anticipated the book was a not a disappointed. Whether you follow him or he gets RT’d on your TL his charms and witty nature is hard to miss; his writing is  equally entertaining. 

The Sceptical Patriot’ is a book about bias – we Indians tend to own or attach a connection to every famous or not-so-famous’ supposed achievements. And it is this very bias that often results in a fake sense of pride that is misplaced – Sidin Vadukut‘s first work of non-fiction is an exploration of these very instances.

TheScepticalPatriotThe book begins with ‘Extensive Disclaimers’  where Vadukut tell us how a speech and a blogpost by former Chief Justice of India Markandey Katju, a parliamentary discussion and a string of patriotic mail forwards were the inspiration behind writing this book. 

“History, it turns out, is far more complicated and interesting than it looks.”

Vadukut uses seven individuals to represent the first seven chapters as ‘great India facts‘ in this book – beginning with the most popular ones. The best part of the book is that it highlights the actual hereos of the nation like Sushruta. Exploration of the legend of Sushruta, the world’s first plastic surgeon. Vadukut’s fascination in the history of the Chola empire results in him questioning the oft-quoted fact that India was always too polite to invade another country or kingdom.

He questions and analyzes if Indians were the ones who invented the zero & the radio? Vadukut’s search for the truth about India, a wealthy nation before the British took over reveals that the only source for the claim itself stands on shaky ground. As the book proceeds Vadukut asks some pertinent questions 

What makes this book different from other is how the author talks about his experiences while explaining his interest in the legends. This book is written at the backdrop of the Indian elections, with patriotism at an all time high it was a good time as any to dissect the indian historical facts and legacies which will compel us to practically rewrite the geography as we know it. .‘The Sceptical Patriot’  intends to make the reader to be inquisitive and question instead of blinding accepting things. 

With his trademark wit & humour, Sidin has managed to make ‘The Sceptical Patriot’ is a funny, enjoyable & sensible read. Pick this up! Highly recommended.

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One response to “#BookReview The Sceptical Patriot by @Sidin Vadukut by @Rupa_Books

  1. fictionistasan

    November 24, 2014 at 12:33 PM

    I looked this book for the happy go lucky attitude that he maintains from the first page to the last. Extremely funny yet informational at the same time! 🙂 🙂


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