#BookReview Bucket List by Sarika Pandit

15 Aug

Travel Tales from Around the worldIf you love traveling or are traveling and you want to pick up a book, this one is for you! What an utterly lovely read this has been! This book came at a point when I was about to take a roadtrip to Binsar and I waited to start it during the trip and I guess it sparked the wanderlust in me! To think you get to travel to so many different places for a job is such an exciting prospect!

What I loved most is how the book was planned. Each chapter is not only about a different place but touches upon a different topic. Be it learning a new language in Spain or visiting a country the author had never heard of. This book will either make you crave for travel like it did for me, or make you hate your life for not allowing you to travel. It had both effect on me, I was filled with envy as I read page after page. I’m glad at least someone found time to do what the heart desired and it worked out fine. To think of giving up a corporate life to just read or travel gives me the jitters.

Much has been spoken about solo travel and being highly recommended too! But I find it a tad bit challenging. I somehow think if you donot have someone to share your wonderful experiences with then its somehow loses its fun. Then again going in a group like Sarika says cacn be a pain as everyone will have their own agenda and itinerary in mind!

I simply loved the way the book is written, it keeps you intoxicated till the very end. The best part is you feel as if you are sitting right across her listening to her travel tales. The fact that she narrates what she experiences and feels added a personal touch which made the book so endearing.

The book leaves you aching, craving and itching to head out. Solo travel seems like a plan to me afterall. I realized that there are so many things to explore and somehow inhibitions bind me, this book however set me free at so many levels. I’m sure it will inspire all who care to read this one.

Highly recommended!

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One response to “#BookReview Bucket List by Sarika Pandit

  1. Nish

    August 16, 2014 at 2:31 PM

    I had the exact same feelings reading the book. Such a wanderlust it has sparked within me.


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