#BookReview How To Become A Billionaire By Selling Nothing – Aditya Magal

02 Jun

how-to-become-a-billionaire-by-selling-nothing-400x400-imadumbyefcqaskgI don’t have a funny bone in my body. I dont find most jokes funny and neither do I watch these comedy shows on tv (which i am told are not that funny, yet they seem to be the rage) Honestly I didnt even know that this book is supposed to be funny. All I knew that there was a lot
of positive buzz about the book by fellow book bloggers and that it was written by a very famous Twitter celeb @Jhunjhunwala and frankly after reading the book I actually went back to check the Twitter celeb in question and actually fell out my chair, was thoroughly intimidated, thank god i read the book before I knew about the author.

It took me a while to understand what really was happening, I told myself, it seems bizarre and then it i found myself not just smiling but laughing aloud. There I was smiling while reading and honestly I think my fellow co-passengers in the metro was a lil taken aback with such a weird behavior. The best part about the book was that, despite the bizarre-ness of it all, you could mentally visualize the things happen and that is something which i consider an achievement. I loved how Jhunjhunwala stormed into Shashtri’s office in his robotic avtaar and how he was planning a strategic expansion. After a point I just let go of logic.. correction.. i didnt know when i stopped and started enjoying myself. Funny, outrageous and totally witty to the core. This book has been quite a treat.

The book is about how Shashtri approaches Mr Jhunjhunwala about investing in his venture of manufacturing Nothing. Jhunjhunwala having thought that Shashtri is in need of medical help, gives him a lac of rupeess to get treated. Meanwhile on a holiday to recover from a bout of illness, Jhunjhunwala gets to know that Shashtri’s company which sells nothing has made an entry into the stock market and the shares have sky rocketed of which he is a part owner. What happens next is something you will have to read and find out…

Thanks to all those twitter conversations around the book that I requested to read and review this one. Else I would have lost out on reading a really wonderful book!! I had only heard that @jhunjhunwala was a funny guy who runs a parody account, you have to read the book to know why he is, who he is. There were never a dull moment and in the end I was kinda sorry the book was over! This is coming from a self proclaimed non-witty person! I guess I should loosen up a lil bit to enjoy such books. But with this book Aditya Magal has raised the bar and it will be interesting to see if other Indian authors can try and match up to such wit.

Do pick this up, this is a must read.

Genre: Fiction / Humor

Source: Publisher

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