#AuthorInterview: Jeffrey Archer : The Clifton Chronicles

02 Jun

This is my very first author interview and quite frankly I have always been nervous and apprehensive about the same. Somehow I feel tongue tied to be interviewing authors, dont ask me why. But imagine if you get an opportunity to interview Lord Archer you know its once in a lifetime thing and you just need to plunge in and just seize the chance before it passes you by. I first read Jeffrey Archer when I was 13 and in school, Kane and Able was the first book I ever read of him. I somehow lost touch over the years until the book, Be careful what you wish for came up for review. That is when I went back and read up on the last few books in the series and reviewed and honestly, I know I would have missed out on a lot had I not read this series… This is by far Jeffrey Archers most ambitious series.. Here goes the interview…

Jeffrey writing 5


How difficult was it to write this series?

It is an immense challenge to take on such a far-reaching project, and I wonder if I would have started it, had I known how difficult it would be. But it’s proved so worthwhile, I’ve no regrets.

Did you chalk out how you would tackle the story line in each of the books from the start?

It’s impossible for me, as a storyteller, to have any idea where a book is going, so I do very little mapping out. In fact for book one of the Clifton Chronicles, ONLY TIME WILL TELL, I did none at all, because all I knew was that Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington would be born in Bristol, one the son of a docker, and the other the son of the owner of the docks, and they would be best friends for the rest of their lives. However, in the subsequent books, I have made some outline notes on where I’d like the story to go, but inevitably as I write, it ends up going in a completely new and unexpected direction!

What motivates you to spin stories that span generations, knowing that it is an ambitious project in itself?

I always think the saga is a thrilling challenge, because human beings, people, are what make a story exciting. So of all the mediums, I still find the saga the most enjoyable to write.

What are the projects you are currently working on? Its always good to know that there is a book we can look forward to

Originally, the Clifton Chronicles were going to be five books, but as Harry was only 42 years old at the end of book four, and I had no intention of killing him off in book five, I’ve extended the series to seven. So when you ask what my future projects are, I’m fully occupied with the Clifton Chronicles until 2017. After that, I’m hoping to write another set of short stories, followed by a stand-alone novel.

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