#BookReview Karachi,You’re Killing Me by Saba Imtiaz

25 Apr

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Loved this book. It is the unique storyline that made me opt for this book and it turned out to be a delightful read.

“It’s Karachi. It’s where life and love come to die. It has nothing,” cries Ayesha, the protagonist of Saba Imtiaz’s Karachi, You’re Killing Me! It sets the tone of the book and what will unfold! You have this distinct feeling that tone and how the story has been handled is a lot like a Bridget Jones Diary or even the Devil Wears Prada series and it has been an interesting read throughout. What warms the heart is that Ayesha not only manages to adapt to the new city but also finds love. This makes for a wonderful Sunday read that leaves you with a happy feeling. Light, humorous and totally engaging, this has been a surprising read. 

Ayesha’s character fills you with love and sparks an instant liking in you. You will sympathize with her when she lands herself in strangest of situations. She is a journalist and gets paid, even if delayed peanuts for a salary. Her job entails her to cover gang wars to cupcakes, basically everything that happens in Karachi. Kamran her editor is typical terror for a boss. at 28, Ayesha is single and lives with her father and a cat. Ayesha is no diva, she is clumsy maybe that is why she is so endearing, she doesnt eat salads but loves fast food, drinks smokes and is nothing like anything and she has your heart from the word go!

I had a fun time reading the book it made for a perfect weekend read. Light, yet sensible, fun but not frivolous; totally entertaining. Pick this up!

Source: Publisher

Publisher: Random House

Genre: Fiction



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