#BookReview The Bramha Dreaming by by John Jackson

07 Apr

Brahama Dreaming CoverTo start, I truly feel privileged to be reviewing this book. Privileged because this is one of those rare books that come your way which you would not have otherwise had the opportunity to come across. It has been a visual treat and a delightful read. This is a book you would hand down to a younger cousin or niece and keep it aside and preserve it for years to come. Thankfully, my niece was over and finished reading this at one go and loved it as much as I did.

Brahma Dreaming is a collection of mythological tales centering Gods from the Hindu Trinity. Since these are adaptations, there are places where you may find discrepancies with the folklore we have grown up hearing. What made reading this book a delightful experience were the illustrations which in itself was engaging. My favourite illustration was the one with King Sagara and his many sons who were born out of melon seeds. Another favourite was Chandra inside the lotus.

This is a wonderful coffee table book. Books like these should be promoted for brilliant visual representation of mythology put forward in an interesting way. What worked for the book? I’d say the simple straight forwarded manner in which it was written. The narrative was in no way coloured by prejudice of preconceived notion and neither does it want to change your perception. If you are looking for logic in mythology this is not the best book to pick up. What makes this book different from all those retelling that are available in the market is that it does not try and explain the myths, its left at just that ‘myths’. Hence it is a breath of fresh air, because it narrates mythology the way we have always known it.

Pick this book up, this is one of those books you’d hate to miss.

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