#BookReview The things your mother never told you about love by Juhi Pande

05 Mar

ImageLoved this book. Read this book with my dear friend on our metro ride home, we laughed smiled acknowledging how the things written was very similar to how it was with us. In the end the humorous and fun way it was written won hearts so much so a copy of the same has been bought and shipped to my teenage niece as I thought it would help her.

We all have crushes and relationships in life and most often we stumble, fall, get bruised and learn to walk ahead. Then comes a book which puts all this in writing and you look back and feel normal. What you have gone through is similar to what others your age has gone through and to think it is a normal phenomenon is in itself comforting. There is a point when Juhi writes that she has brawled her eyes out, withdrawn and then gotten back to life and that breaking down is a sign to heal and not hitting normalcy in a day and then breaking down which aggravates the pain is somewhat comforting. 

Juhi is a popular TV presenter and to read this book was the same as to imagine her sitting across you talking to you with those hand gestures and animated expressions. To me that felt so reassuring that the book on love never felt jaded or patronizing at all. It is only once in a while a book comes along which makes you fall in love with the brilliant writing and a smooth flow that you want to recommend it to everyone. There are probably a million things you do in a relationship be it with your significant other or your parents and when you read about those expressions in a book like say banging the door or being cold and you see a whole new perspective to it. You realize that what you have been doing may not be correct at all. That to me was heartening and left me with a sense of peace. 

I for one totally loved this book and I know you will too pick this one up, you surely wouldnt want to miss this one.

Genre : Self Help / Chick Lit

Publisher : Random House

Source: Publisher

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