#BookReview The Mother of All Books by Rajni Arun Kumar

05 Mar

motherThis has been one fun read and one chick lit what I absolutely loved. I am not married or expecting so one would expect this to be an unlikely read for me but I am glad I opted for this one. It gives a very refreshing outlook to pregnancy and childbirth and makes you almost feel relieved because of the non-patronizing and totally witty outlook it has opted for.

You know it is often portrayed as if mothers are supposed to be ideal who carries her motherly duties without a complain. But truth be told most mothers go through frustration with this entire rigmarole where there is a baby latched on to one nipple, and there is so many more chores to complete. These are very humane lil things that make motherhood seem real but we never talk about it. This book tackles all this and more in such a natural humorous way that you fall in love with it. It does not tell you how easy it is, how wonderful pregnancy and motherhood feels, it is but there is more! And it addresses your fears and tells you how normal it is to feel angry, frustrated and unsexy too.

I loved the way the book is written it was conversational hence it felt as if a coworker or a friend is talking to you. This is one book I’d recommend to my friends who are expecting, actually this makes for a good addition to baby shower gifts! Its light and the cartoons makes it for easy reading and so much fun. It makes you laugh randomly and woos with the non-glamorous outlook to life from a woman’s perspective that you feel comfortable a welcome change without having to play diva all the time.

Pick it up, because it is a well written book and very new author deserves to be applauded for the great stuff they have put out to the world!

Author- Rajni Arun Kumar 

Genre : Self Help

Publisher- Global Vision Press

Source : Author

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