#BookReview Advantage Love by Madhuri Banerjee

17 Feb

ImageYou know how Delhi-its are? Glossy, chic, designer wear, pompous, flaky but once you manage to peal off the layers you get to see someone normal with a warm heart. Madhuri Banerjee’s latest Advantage Love is just a reflection of this. Not trying to be harsh or overtly critical but beyond the Armani clothes and the Satya Paul scarf which felt cheesy and force fed trying hard to create an impression; the book did warm up to leave an imprint and is definitely worth a read. 

Anuja Chauhan is the benchmark for me when it comes to chick lit. No-one writes the way she does and her characters warm the heart but Madhuri Banerjee comes a close second. Written in a Mills and Boon-ish way, Advantage Love does make you feel warm and fuzzy and to be honest it is quite relatable. I read Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas and had liked it then, that the author has a command over relationships and language is a given, owing to the elaborate CV she has. I read this on a Sunday afternoon when I was down with flu and there was nothing interesting on TV. Took me a few hours and the book was done and over with. What worked for me is that it is a storyline that would woo you. You can relate to Trisha and the ordeal she goes through. Being a Delhi-its now I could identify with the places spoke about and in a while the book grew on me. However my only angst is how I felt that the character of Trisha was ‘trying’ to be what it was not but eventually it settled in to be a warm, endearing regular girl who knew what was doing; thankfully her flakiness did not last. Also one thing that struck me while reading, Trisha moved in with Juhi in an apartment in Green Park and I had no clue how and when she moved to Gurgaon when Abhimanyu came to drop her off! Could be a lapse but there was no link as far as I was concerned. 

If you leave the gloss and the over the top frills; the book is a nice and entertaining read. It is just the book I wanted to read after reading really heavy stuff of late. It gave me time to unwind and thoroughly enjoy myself as I accompanied Trisha in her journey of life. This has been quite a fun read a book ideal for a Sunday afternoon in bed.

Genre : Chick lit

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Source : Publisher

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