#BookReview : Cell by Robin Cook

13 Feb

ImageChromosome is my favorite Robin Cook novel and I read the book while in school and I totally enjoyed it. Even though it is not my genre of book but it kept me hooked till the end and it is then that I began to appreciate medical thriller anew. Cell has made me wonder why I have not continued reading Robin Cook for it has been a totally engaging read.

The smartphone is expect to take on a new role in medicine, not just as a medical app but as a fully customizable personal physician which can diagnose and treat even better than the real thing. It is called iDoc. On the backdrop of this paradigm shift, George Wilson, M.D. is about to enter a profession. George’s first tryst with this incredible innovation is devastating. His fiancée was found dead after she participated in an iDoc beta test. His other patients too die after undergoing imaging procedures after being a part of the same beta test. What is intriguing is the possibility of iDoc being taken over by Hackers. It is George’s quest to seek the truth and in the bargain to try and prove that he is right. 

There is not much you would want to comment in the way of writing because Robin Cook is immaculate, editing is crisp and the story just flows. Honestly, I would not pick this book up on my own but I am glad this came along else I would have missed out on a wonderful read. This kept me hooked in those long metro rides where I could barely stand, yet I read and then read some more until I knew I could never get enough until I read the end. It took me three days of reading to get over with this and honestly I wonder why don’t read thrillers often, it gives you such a high. This book is well researched and gives you an insight into the kind of vision and imagination that Robin Cook has which leaves you in awe. 

Pick this book up for it totally blows you over, it is just the excitement you need to wake up and smell coffee in an otherwise mundane life!

Source : Publisher

Genre : Medical Thriller

Publisher : Pan Macmillan 

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