#BookReview : The Final Cut By Uday Gupt

29 Jan

186;290Short stories are not by far my favourite and there are very few that really captivates me. Thankfully The Final Cut by Uday Gupt makes the cut and turned out to be an entertaining read. It is really surprising that the book is actually Uday’s debut novel. The Final Cut is a collection of 6 stories and what is beautiful is how these six stories come together and justifies the title.

When you have a limited number of words and the format is rather brief, the challenge to narrate a tale which has the maximum impact and this is where Uday Gupt has got it right. Legacy is the theme for the first story in the book where a Pulitzer prize winner comes to Sonagachi, the famous human trafficking area of Kolkata

What makes this book a great read is that it has stories belonging to different themes that give you a wide range of flavour and there is never a dull moment. One of the stories was set in Kolkata and was about black magic and religion, it truly was one of the stories which had my heart, maybe because of the Kolkata connect.

This book is a must have for those who donot like a long stories but would content themselves with simple easy reads. I had a fun time reading this. Hope you do too.  

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Frog Books
Genre :Short Stories

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