#BookReview : Bankerupt by Ravi Subramanian

29 Jan

Bankrupt by Ravi SubramanianThere is hardly anyone who has not read any of Ravi Subramanian’s books. Honestly, I have never really picked up his books because I felt that it was reading something with a banking background would be really boring. But not wanting to miss out on the latest on the block, on a whim I agreed to read the book and might I just add how good it did to me because I really enjoyed reading the Bankerupt.

To be honest Ravi’s work gave me a Jeffrey Archersque feel to it, not as a hangover way but in a positive way. Bankerupt runs on three tracks simultaneously and the surprising thing was all was equally interesting and gripping. Cirisha is a research associate who works with MIT, diligent, disciplined and extremely moralistic; qualities which secured her a position on the top. Aditya Raisinghania, is an investment banker at Greater Boston Global Bank in Mumbai. Driven, careerist but he is someone who wants to reap results and cares less about the means to achieve the end. The last track revolves around Narayanan, Cirisha’s father who meets Aditya at the bank’s office when he required a 50 crore loan to expand his business. This got the three central characters together.

Being from the banking industry Ravi’s writing is pristine with facts, the plot is so thick that you find it hard to put the book down. He has raised the bar with his writing because other Indian writers are no where close. The book has just about everything that works for a reader. While reading, you start to guess the culprit based on the information you have instead of waiting for the end to be revealed to you, the book is that powerful.

This was my first book by Ravi Subramanian and this will not go down as the last. Loved this book.

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