#BookReview Cocktail Time by P. G Wodehouse

28 Jan

Wodehouse is one of my all time fav’s and there is not one opportunity i’d miss reading him. There are hardly any author who can come close to Wodehouse in terms of comic release or humor.

The story revolves around Uncle Fred who knocks off Sir Raymond Bastable’s hat through the window of the Drones Club from a catapult. Sir Raymond assumes that the culprit was a young Drone, but is not sure how to respond. He thought of writing a letter to the Times but then he decided against it as it would open him to ridicule this is when he is about to stand for Parliament. It is then that Uncle Fred suggested that writing a novel about the iniquities of the younger generation. Thus the novel “Cocktail Time” came into being, which Sir Raymond Bastable publishes under a pseudonym. The book goes onto to become a succès de scandale after being condemned by a bishop. Afraid of being discovered as the author, Bastable allows his nephew Cosmo Wisdom to take the credit, and the royalties, of the book.

This is one of the best books by Wodehouse I have read so far and he continues to charm the readers with intelligent humor which leaves you craving for so much more. Pick this up for a deliciously entertaining read.

Genre : Fiction

Source: Publisher

Publisher : Random House

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