#BookReview How I Got Lucky by Farhad J Dadyburjor

08 Jan

aaThis has been an engaging read about the entertainment industry and how it works in Mumbai, the city of dreams. To be honest I expected this to be run of the mill book that seems to be on the stands of late but was surprised when it turned out to be an engaging read.

The protagonist of the book is Raman, 35 and is confused about his sexuality. He is a journalist and covers the Page 3 stuff in Mumbai. We also have other characters who play an equally important role throughout the book from a lesbian photographer to a male model who would satisfy his male clients over the internet.

This book is a bold, at times raunchy but a racy narration of how the industry works. From bisexuals to actors who would spread rumors before the release of his movie. This book gives you a vivid peak into the world of entertainment like no other. To be honest I did have a sense of deja vu for bit and parts reminded me of the movie Page3 but the humor is what makes this so engaging and entertaining at that. There are some amazing comic moments where makes you laugh out aloud but other times you feel quite queasy. the same-sex pleasure details does that to you.

This book as such does not have anything new to offer. But it is just the prospective which is new. While reading you would be hit by a distinct feeling of deja vu as if the book is talking about someone you know, someone distinctly from the industry. What probably makes the book interesting is the elements of dark humor. For a fist time writer this has been a surprising entertaining read.

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Posted by on January 8, 2014 in books


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