#BookReview : Hair Yoga By Jawed Habib

08 Jan

This book has been a revelation. It came in when I needed some help regarding the basic hair problems I was facing and I wasn’t getting satisfactory answers. This truly has been a myth buster in so many ways. It speaks about the basic perception we have which may not be correct all the time.

Interestingly the book is called Hair Yoga which is kinda starling, but then the author believes that yoga has to do with relation and relaxed hair is healthy. The book haiir care, but focuses on knowing what is right for his/her hair. People have different hair type and their needs vary, so the hair care routine should be different and this is what is very important to understand.

What really worked for me is the myth busters. It give me an idea of what is right for my hair like, i have been told repeatedly to oil my hair, where as oiling the scalp is more important than oiling the hair. Also that oil must be washed off to avoid accumulation of dirt and grime. My dire NEED to shampoo has been much criticized by my mother and inner circle and I almost felt that I made a basic mistake but Jawed actually recommends shampooing as it washes of dirt and dust.

This book was totally God send for me, Pick this book up as it totally adds to your everyday hygiene and care.

Publisher: Random House

Genre : Self Help / Beauty

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