#BookReview Paperback Dreams by Rahul Saini

02 Jan

paperback-dreams-400x400-imadqy2b3rq4tchy-195x300Every once in a while you want to just curl up on the bean bag and read a book which will not just be light but entertaining and not to mention effortless read. A break from the tons I have been reading, mostly a lil heavy Paperback Dreams by Rahul Saini was engaging and just the one which addressed a holiday at home mood.

Paperback Dreams revolves around Rohit, Karun and Jeet Oberoi. Books or rather being a published author is what connects Rohit and Jeet while Karun aspires to be published. Having the same publisher brings them together. Jeet is a published author but he used unfair means hence he is consumed by guilt yet he does nothing to rectify the situation and continues his book tour. A whole new plot unfolds when he meets Neeti and she accompanies him on his book tour.

Rohit on the other hand is an author whose book is a national bestseller. He has a nagging thought that his publisher is cheating him of royalty that he thinks he deserves. His girlfriend advises him to confront his publisher however he could not bring himself to do it. Then there is Karun who is all of 16 with dreams of getting published only to impress his crush. Karun takes the teenage puppy love to a whole new level, adding the much needed youthful vigor to tricks that leave you amused.

The book has been an engaging read however there was no surprise element in it. It is an old tale written interestingly. The best part about this book was, you can read it at one go and it caters to the masses. The fact that it is written well and has been edited impeccably just added to the book. I wish there was something worthwhile to read as the book left me wanting for more. Pick this book up if you are looking for a fun light read.

Publisher : Penguin Metro Reads

Genre : Fiction

Source: Flipkart Bloggers’ Program

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