#BookReview End Of Story by Arjun Shekhar

22 Dec

end-of-story-400x400-imadnw9ykzeckthzIm not really a fan of Indian Fiction writing because not many match up to good reading but having said that this book has been a decent read. Having read and liked the Mumbaistan series, this book had my expectations up from the very beginning.

Pacy and a quick read, this is where this book scores, ideal for reading it on train journeys to pass some time. Having said that there are times you are left confused and at a loss because there are just too much information and too many things happening that you find yourself losing the plot.

I struggled honestly to keep my interests going this despite it being fairy gripping. I felt a little planning and careful fleshing out the details could have helped it immensely along with crisp editing. But what makes this book a read worth reading is that it is a book that can be read by just about anyone. It is has dark humor and and some easy conversations and an engaging plot.

Like they say revealing too much of a thriller takes away from the book. Read all about Shukrat a news anchor of Khulasa in a news channel that is famous for the sensational stories in The End of Story by Arjun Shekhar. Shukrat loses his job when a nationwide ban on advertisements caused a decline of visual media. His ex- boss Shh is brutally murdered and this is the story retold from a document that Shukrat has prepared on the day of his hearing as a witness. Read more to unfurl the mystery.

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  1. Shivanshi Tyagi

    June 7, 2014 at 12:06 AM

    I found your blog about 15 minutes ago, and having read most of the posts. I must say you’re kind of really right about these books.

    Followed for future, 🙂


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