#BookReview : Chakra by Ritu Lalit

22 Dec

download (2)When this book first came in I felt captivated by the cover. The mysterious eyes and the veiled look gave out much more than it wanted to conceal. Chakra by Ritu Lalit has been an unique book, specially because it is written on an unique topic of witchcraft.

Chakra: Chronicles of the Witch Way is a fiction but it leaves a lot to the imagination of the readers as to what they really would like to believe. Breaking grounds on the world of supernatural; Chakra is one of its kind in this genre. It is interesting to see how so many books have made its foray into unexplored genre and have managed to win viewership.

Based on supernatural – to weave a modern day fiction is a tough task, given that it is a hard situation to imagine given the firm belief in science and logic. What is even more difficult is to get facts correct. Ritu has done a commendable job with her impeccable research. This book to some, may mean a power wielding villainous lady, and to others a heroic character, and it is this perspective that is important while reading a book of this kind. What I loved was how Ritu has weaved a world of mysticism and presented in an alluring way.

Well written and crisply edited this has been a very different read. Talking much about the content of the book will be giving away too much and take away from the entire experience, hence pick it up to know more.

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