#BookReview The Storm In My Mind by Ayaan Basu

18 Dec

the-storm-in-my-mind-400x400-imadzfs33cjachc4Kolkata, the only reason why I wanted to read this book in the first place. Coming from the fact that I’d get to read a book with my hometown as a backdrop for reason enough to look forward to this book. If there was a term called love at first sight of the cover, this book will be the one. The cover image is that which fills you with nostalgia and for someone who stays away from home this made me somewhat homesick.

The expectation for this book was set from the time I saw the cover and then to read the book, I can’t help but admit just how disappointed I was, somehow maybe I was expecting a bit too much.Somehow Kolkata was reduced to a ghost instead of being the focal point of the plot.The flow in reading is not seamless, with jarring and disjointed sentences. Honestly, the narrative felt force fed, as if the author like a machine he was churning out details details about his high school and college days.

What was worse or rather extremely disappointing was that the lines on Calcutta seemed to be picked from Wikipedia unlike what you would expect from someone who is from Calcutta. The write up lacks the warmth and personal touch that you would usually expect. What was utterly shocking was how there was a complete lack of editing, the more i read the more appalled I got.

Genre : Fiction

Publisher : Srishti Publishers

Source : Author

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