#BookReview Leading Ladies by Sudha Menon

19 Nov

ImageLeading Ladies is a debut book by Sudha Menon and it is the second book I have had the honor to read and review, the first one being Legacy by her. To say I love her writing is an understatement. I have met her and I absolutely admire the person she is. Graceful, chic, poised and the warmth and positivity that she exudes is just amazing.

The last time I met her was at a quaint lil coffee shop where she breezed in in her silk suit, a big bindi gracing her forehead and a smile that puts you at ease instantly. What followed was a beautiful conversation, with anecdotes, laughter and time just flew. The reason why the meeting has stayed with me over time is because I could connect it to her narrating the stories from her book. While reading Leading Ladies, I could almost envision her sitting across me chatting and telling me anecdotes from the lives of all these eminent personalities that she had interviewed for her book. The narrative of her book is a reflection of who she is as a person. So I might be biased when I say I loved the book to bits.

Most of the personalities featured in the Leading Ladies were somewhat unknown to me, so it was an informative read for me. But more than that what works for the book was the fact that these are not success stories only, it gives you a perspective to the life of a lady who made a mark on her own terms. The perspective is not through the lenses of a feminist but a balanced individual who chooses to pick ladies as her subject to establish a personality that everyone deserves to know. I personally believe that a book like Legacy or Leading Ladies would be difficult for people to pick up because it does not pertain the usual genre of popular fiction, but if you can overlook all that and just pick this book up, this will be a treat to read.

This book has been a metro companion for a few days and those 40 minutes a side travel has been the best time I have ever spent. It was like travelling with a companion and ending up feeling wonderful having some very engaging and enlightening conversation. Leading Ladies joins Legacy in my list of good reads. Pick this book up, for you would not want to miss out on a great book.

Genre : Non Fiction

Source : Author

Publisher : 42 Bookz Galaxy

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