#BookReview Solo by William Boyd

05 Nov

Solo-GQ-1Oct13-b_262x393This is probably the first book whose promotion bowled me over. The marketing strategy had a total international feel and I personally lost out to be there in the Delhi launch by a whisker.I am among all those who grew up with James Bond and loved the series thoroughly so its needless to say how thrilled i was to receive my copy of the book.

If you are looking for Ian Fleming Bond then you are likely to be disappointed which is but obvious because the franchise changes hands and perceptions take a hit. But having said that “Solo,” by William Boyd, stands tall in its own unique style and flavor to the suspense thriller we all so love. For someone who has just seen Skyfall on TV and has reminisced the James Bond we so love, the elaborate sound track and the glitz and glamour that is around Bond is totally hard to summarize in a book. Hence Boyd did have a major task on hand but did well to combat it all. Somehow I Boyd’s hero lacks the psychological detailing and style that Bond embodies.

“Solo” is set in 1969, but what is surprising is that Bond’s assignment has nothing to do with the cold war, which has been a recurring theme in Fleming’s books. In a bid to make Bond stand out, Boyd has made alterations to the Bond we knew and loved, maybe that is why this book even though is well written lacks that powerful hold on its audience.

This has been a pacy engaging read, pick this up for a long entertaining train travel, you will not be disappointed.

Genre : Thriller

Publisher: Random House

Source : Publisher

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