#BookReview A Salesman’s Lessons by C.R. Jena

04 Nov

a-salesmans-lessons-400x400-imadjf58zgxxtne7This is a force read. Not of of those books I was offered to read for review but ungraciously sent to me in garb of another book, this after several follow ups regarding the arrival of the books; but well that is another story. This review is in no way influenced by the experience I had with the publisher.

The thing about this book is you cant really decide why you would want to pick this book up, unless you are a salesman or an aspiring one. To be honest I found it uninteresting and rather tedious. The book has reading aids like conversation, tables, theories and pictures interspersed with anecdotes. Author C R Jena has used his own 15 year experience to make this an interesting read but somehow I did not have it in me to complete it. Each time I began I found my attention wavering. I am sure this book will have a lot to offer had it not been the jargons and patronizing tone that came with the book.

One of the good things about this book was that it is like a notebook. After every chapter there is a statement by the author but it leaves you space to scribble down your points. Pick this book up and decide for yourself what works for you. If you are a persuing a career in sales then this could be a book you would want to read.

Genre: Self-Help

Publishers : Leadstart

Source: Publisher


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