#BookReview: Trade Winds to Meluha By Vasant Dave

24 Oct

ImageAgreeing to read this book has been rather easy for it had in its core a very interesting theme: a journey through the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. The book charts a fictional journey “of a young Sumerian boy as he journeys through the ancient Indus civilization.” What made this book rather engaging is that despite being fictional the book is based on the latest research which gives the reader a very rich insight into one of the oldest civilizations in the world. To me, it was like going back to school and rereading the history books on the ancient civilization.

The book was engaging and quite gripping but I felt that a proper book instead of a zerox of manuscript would have made the reading experience better. It was a let down but it does Not affect the review and the reading experience of the book.

In 2138 BC, a young guy Samasin worked as a stable boy with a wealthy Babylonian. Being falsely implicated in the murder of a visiting Meluhhan businessman and tipped off by his employers divorced wife ELATI, he flees to Lothal in the distant land of Meluhha, searching of Siwa Saqra whose name the murdered man had uttered. It is the journey of Samasin which is most intriguing, how he tries to interpret the ten glyphs of Dhalovira which leads him on to a adventure trail which takes him on the treck to the ravines of the river Saraswati.

Read this book because it is a finely written one which has pristine editing. It keeps you glued to the end. It may be a work of fiction but the information offered in the book is massive. It has been an engaging read indeed.

Genre : Historial Fiction

Source : Author

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