#BookReview: ‘What Do Women Want?’ by Daniel Bergner

17 Oct

71ybQ8teI9L._SL1500_Okay so curiosity got me to pick this book. Probably what I wanted is a little bit of an explanation or insight into the psyche of womankind. I read this book on a flight home and even though I found the book engaging, I felt my attention wavering.

What Daniel Bergner has done is, he has interspersed scientific study and research with his theory, while it makes for an amazing read but it does get boring at times. I wanted to skip parts and read on just to know more. While I understood the female tendencies to the likes of their kind, I somehow felt there could have been more. Was I looking for something specific to read? I cannot be sure.

One of pros of the book is, a guy will be able to comprehend and appreciate female sexuality in a whole new light. From the discussions on sex that i have had with peers(women) I have come across the inhibitions and fears that a woman often feels in expressing her sexual side in the fear of being judged. And very few have claimed that the men they have been with, have been accommodating and appreciative, they have been rather silent, so there is no knowing if they like or dislike things. I think this book may bring about a change in perception.

I did get a few lingering glances while reading this book in the airport and then the flight. My co passenger himself was rather curious but did not dare to ask me to see the blurb of the book which further strengthens my conviction that a lil broadminded attitude can do us a world of good. No sexpert here, but then there are these things that have always plagued my mind. And as “Bergner puts it: “That women’s desire – its inherent range and innate power – is an underestimated and constrained force, even in our times, when all can seem so sexually inundated, so far beyond restriction.””

Pick this book up for this will change quite a few perceptions.

Source: Publisher

Publisher: Random House

Genre: Self Help


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