#BookReview Love Potion #10 by Betsy Woodman

17 Oct

 I have read Betsy Woodman and have been surprised by her skill of story telling which transports you to a whole new world. Its the beautiful characters, finely etched out and flawless that enchants you. Her stories have an exotic feel to you that gives you a feel of reading a fantasy fiction and there is much more than being an engaging read.

Having read Jana Bibi’s Excellent Fortunes, Love Potion #10 was an obvious pick as this is the latest in the series and if my guess is right there is still one more book to complete this trilogy. In this book, Jana and the gang witness their village struggle to survive a scandal revolving around espionage. Everything as it was, Mr Jana has acquired a lot of fame due to his fortune telling. With Jana being the target of a high profile kidnapping it puts the entire household at tenterhooks.

If you liked the previous book, you will love this one as it has a lot more twists and turns which keeps you glued to it. What i absolutely loved is the vivid descriptions and the dash of wild colours which made for an amazing read. The writing was crisp and you are always left in anticipation of what will come next. Random House never fails to come up with wonderful books which leave you thinking long after they are read.

Pick this book for a quick and fun read because this book does not disappoint

Genre : Fiction

Publisher: Random House

Source : Publisher

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One response to “#BookReview Love Potion #10 by Betsy Woodman

  1. Nish

    November 4, 2013 at 12:57 PM

    I haven’t read the previous book, but I absolutely loved this one. Great review 🙂


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