#BookReview My Life – Brett Lee by Brett Lee and James Knight.

23 Sep

ImageI am a normal cricket loving Indian, so when I got the opportunity to read on cricket I knew I would be thoroughly enjoying myself. And I was not wrong. Having read, Yuvraj Singh’s autobiography I knew reading about Brett Lee would be an enriching experience. I read My Life on those long metro rides and I was so lost that I did not realize when my journey was over and it was time to disembark.

Simply written, lucid and very engaging, this was one enlightening read. What I loved about the book was just how it was narrated. With a very visual effect, you dont find it hard to image, young Brett looking up to his cricketer brother. You can almost visualize his dad pushing him to put in his best. His mom’s tireless efforts to take him to the matches.

I have had the good fortune to see Brett Lee perform live at a Kolkata mall and it would be an understatement if I say how starstruck I was. No it was not because a rockstar was on the stage, or for that matter that a good looking cricketer with the cutest dimples was just hogging the limelight. But it is his boyish charm and ability to feel at home just about anywhere was what had struck me about him and this book too is an extension of that Brett Lee I had witnessed. Brett Lee, who is not just an exceptional sportsman but a very gifted musician and that he pursues his passion with a zest that not many have is infectious.

If you love cricket and would love to read something that is not just about the life of a great cricketer but informative piece, this is the one for you. Must read.

Publisher: Random House

Source: Publisher

Genre: Autobiography

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