#BookReview Dhandha by Shobha Bondre

02 Sep

dhandha-400x400-imadknkneyhgqb2hTo begin with this is not the genre of books I usually pick up. Dhanda literally means business and as the title suggests this book explores the intricacies of business as shared by successful businessmen of Indian origin. Gujarati’s are known to be keen businessmen with a flair for making money. It is not unknown how well they have proved to be from time to time.

What would have made yet another self help book so boring was just gyan. That is where this book scores. This book features 5 success stories from leading businessmen, all of them Gujarati’s but different personal backgrounds. Among the thing that made them so successful was their eye for detail, which helped them spot opportunities which yielded amazing results. It goes without saying what amount of effort and hardwork that went in to making the business projects so successful. These stories are not fairy tales but success stories and inspirational to any aspiring businessmen. The essence of the book is to capture why Gujarati’s as a community are so adept at handling business throughout the world.These stories are about how the business grew, the challenges faced, the obstacles that came along

This has been an interesting read, despite it not being a genre i am comfortable with. Every aspring businessman should use this book as a guide and more than anything it could work as motivation. I simply loved Bhimjibhai’s story, about how despite not knowing any other language other than Gujrati, he managed to create a niche for himself. Pick this book up for this is a story that is relevant even to our day to day life.

Publisher : Random House

Source : Publisher

Genre : Self Help

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