#BookReviews The Guardians of Karma by Mohan Vizhakat

31 Aug

download (1)Too many books are out there in the fantasy fiction category, however this has been a surprise. Set in the region of 10500 BCE, the main hubs of Indian evolution were two extremely sophisticated realm countries Dev Lok and Daityan domain in an era beyond Vedic India, the era beyond epoch of primary flourishing civilizations.

That the book is well researched and contains some amazing information which you would have otherwise been lost to us. What the Author truly has is an eye for detail and very imaginative. The book is so very visual which works for a book set in this genre. The pace of the book is pacy and there is hardly a dull moment. Once the story heats up you can hardly put to down. 

This book has been engaging read. I just wish the book was shorter, in bits and parts i felt it go on and on. A lil crisper editing would have done the book good. Otherwise this has been terrific read. My only concern is that there are too many such books out there, had it not come in for review I am not sure I would have picked this up, hence this has been surprising. 

Publisher : Srishti Publishers

Genre : Fantasy Fiction

Source: Publisher

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