#BookReview Train To Delhi by Shiv K Kumar

31 Aug

While studying Partition Literature in college, I had the good fortune to read Khushwant Singh’s historical book called Train to Pakistan. The book described the horrific journey of the train took from Pakistan to India ferrying Indians and the horrors they had to go through. When I got the opportunity to review Train to Delhi, I thought it would give a different perspective to the story we all knew. However, Train to Delhi despite being along similar limes came as a pleasant surprise. It was an entertaining read and it gives you a perspective to a historical even we know so well but were never there to witness it.

Unlike what I had anticipated, Train to Delhi was not as serious or intense as I had thought it to be. It was humorous and very interesting from beginning to end and there was never a dull moment. The book is a part romance set in a historical setup. What I loved best was that the words flowed easily and seamlessly making it such a visual treat. It was so easy to image 1947, an era we have heard so much yet seen nothing. One of the most unique thing about the book is that it depicts both, the gore and brutal conquests and the love and desire to triumph the travails.

It is surprising that there is nothing very distinguishing about plot but the way it was written was truly a treat. The one thing that was breathtaking was how sensitively the author portrayed the relationships in a historical setting is exceptional.  It is gripping narrative style that made this book such a wonderful read.

This is a must read,

Publisher : Random House

Genre : Historical Fiction

Source : Publisher

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One response to “#BookReview Train To Delhi by Shiv K Kumar

  1. Reema Sahay

    August 31, 2013 at 10:42 PM

    I have this book and don’t like the cover page much, so was procrastinating picking it up. Now after reading your review, feeling more confident of picking ot up 🙂


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