#BookReview: Becoming Mrs Kumar Author : Heather Saville Gupta

28 Aug


My reason for picking this book up was that I had never really read anything on expats and I thought it would be interesting to read the expat version of India, which I had assumed would be a lil different from the cliche’s we have become accustomed to reading. I am glad the book was anything but a cliche. I was pleasantly surprised as the book was not just interesting but engaging too.

Julia Robinson was bored with her job at a leading ad agency in London. Her apartment rent was turning out too steep.It rained too often for comfort and she had lil patience left for the British weather amusing. When a job offer comes through from Mumbai she takes up the opportunity in order to do something interesting. In India, she now finds herself in a busy and chaotic city, what remains to be seen if she finds her soul mate in this chaos of a new life.

This book could easily have been an autobiography as it bares a startling resemblance to the life that the author Heather Saville lived when she first arrived in Mumbai in 2003. Heather, herself an expat had come to India on a job, it is here that she finally settled down with a husband and two kids. What I absolutely loved about the book was the lively and endearing experiences that came through. There were none of those cliches from expats, who turn up their nose at all

Julia’s love for India is heartwarming. Because it is different to view India as a tourist and that when you choose to settle down here. You do wonder if her love for the country was an important component for her falling in love with an Indian? I wish the romance was explained more elaborately for the romance did seem a lil hurried.  I had a good time reading this book, it was like a breath of fresh air. This book is like a travelogue and to a large extent a chicklit rolled into one.

Pick this book up for a cosy Sunday read.

Publisher: Random House

Source: Publisher

Genre: Fiction


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