#BookReview The Virgins by Siddharth Tripathi

24 Aug

The-VirginsMy first reaction, few pages into the book was that the lines were way too in your face, rustic and too vulgar. But you warm up as the book progresses and the beauty of a city like Banaras makes you see the characters in a whole new light. What made this book such an entertaining read was that the situations were effortlessly funny and endearing.

You end up loving Bhandu for his innocence, Pinku easy,intellectual yet caring ways and Guggi for his brashness and erratic plans. What Siddharth Tripathi does successfully paints Banaras in the brightest of hues in such a vivid manner that you feel as if you have been there and are experiencing it first hand. The book is fast paced and your are so caught up that keeping the book down feels so wrong. I was reading this during my 40 minute commute to work and It kept me glued from cover to cover. I have never been to Banaras, but the city came alive in the pages.

The characters of Pinku, Guggi and Bhandu is endearing and funny. They are like any other young chaps belonging to a smaller city. Pinku is the only son in the family of eight and is overburdened with the responsibilities of his family at an age. then there is Bhandu, though very bright, but traumatized by his parents’ divorce. Guggi is a trouble maker and is generally the reason behind getting the others in mess

There is not much in the book in terms of a story line but makes up for the book more than amply is how the story is narrated. There are times I felt my attention wavering but the desire to finish the book kept me going and there was Bhandu, my favourite character to look forward to.

This has been an entertaining read about the coming of age of the trio beautifully. Siddharth Tripathi has done a remarkable job to paint Banaras so beautifully that at the end of it you wish you could just be there to see it for yourself. Pick this up to savour Banaras.

Publisher: Fingerprint

Source: Publisher

Genre: Popular Fiction

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