#BookReview: Surprise Me Gentleman by Amitabh Manu

24 Aug

surprise-me-gentlemenThis is one book that intrigued me long before it came to me. I had read reviews of the same and all of the ratings were good. What was different about the book was its unique setting. “Surprise Me, Gentlemen” is about a dictator captures twelve writers and demands that each of them weave a story in a given time. The only condition being: Each story should have a surprise element at the end of it. The stories are then read out by the writers and the group decides which is the best and the worst story. The reward for the best story is nothing. The punishment for the worst story was death.

The book had my attention even before I got it but to be honest it did let me down just a little bit because so much could have been done with the stories, while most of them were rather nice some were a let down. What worked was that the stories were of different genres which made it entertaining. The one I liked the most was by the writer of mythology.The element of surprise went well but in some it did nothing for me.

Somehow I felt that the title as well does not go with the book, because some of the writers were women. Having said so much about the surprise element, the ending did nothing to surprise me. Pick this book up on a journey, keeps you entertained throughout.

Publisher: Fingerprint

Source: Publisher

Genre: Popular Fiction

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