#BookReview Powerplay: The Game Is On By Parinda Joshi

24 Aug

dz-pop-6222013V-2To start off I am amazed at the choice of books by Fingerprint. This is my third book and I am super impressed. The assortment has a fine mix of different genres make them stand out. Having bowled over by the Other Side of the table; I knew each of the books by them would be nothing short of a treat.

What works for this books is that it is a recipe for a perfect read. A corporate thriller revolving around a domestic cricket team. This book is supposed to be Parinda Joshi’s second book, I have not read her before hence this has been a surprising read.


The story revolves around two central characters Vivek Grewal and Keya Singhal. Vivek is the youngest vice president of a consulting firm and loves the sport, and Keya is a part of the marketing team of Ahmedabad Rangers. The plot thickens when the team’s poor performance and financial struggles makes Vivek come up with. Keya and Vivek come together, despite their initial tiff, to salvage the situation to get Harsh, a Bangalore based businessman to invest in their team.

What makes the book stand out is the fact that each chapter is an over not a chapter. Like any cricket match after 20 overs there are two ‘super-overs’ this is where all the action unfolds. The language is one that we use everyday, simple and easy to read. The action keeps you hooked from cover to cover. It is one who those books which has been written with a lot of attention to detail which makes for an entertaining read.

Pick this book up for a entertaining Saturday afternoon in bed and you wont be disappointed!

Publisher: Fingerprint

Source : Publisher

Genre: Popular Fiction

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